How to Insert an Image in Photoshop | A Complete Guide For Beginners

If you want to edit your image in photoshop, you need to know the process of inserting image. Photoshop is the ultimate choice for professionals. Here, you can edit your image with flexibility.There are some useful techniques that you can use in Photoshop. While inserting image, you should know the techniques. Choose a better-quality image to insert.

Otherwise, it will be difficult to edit the image accurately. Resolution of an image is important.Pick the image with high resolution.

Let’s Discuss How To Insert An Image In Photoshop.

  • Inserting the Image Manually

At first, install the Adobe photoshop software to your operating system. Then follow the instructions properly.

The instructions are given below:

  • Opening an image:
  • Go to the bottom of the photoshop.
  • Select the “File” option.
  • You will find the “Open” button.
  • Press the “Open” button.
  • Pick the image you want to open.
  • Click on the image.
  • Press “Open”.
  • Placing an image:
  • At first open an image.
  • Go to the “File “option.
  • Choose the option – “Place Embedded”.
  • Now, you can browse image from your computer.
  • Pick your desired image.
  • Click on the image.
  • Press “Place”.

After that, you can start to edit your image. Photoshop introduces us with various tool to edit images properly.

Inserting an image with Drag and Drop Process

There is another way to insert the image in Photoshop.

You can insert your image with drag and drop system. Here, you have to open the image folder.

Then, choose the image you want to edit. Pick the image and drag it to photoshop.

Drop the image to photoshop new file. It is the easiest way to insert an image in photoshop.

After following the drag and drop process, you have to fix the image size and quality.

  • How to Place an Image Inside of Other Image in Photoshop

This is a different technique to edit your image. We already discuss about how to place an image in an easiest way. Here, we will talk about the process to place an image inside of another image.

Let’s begin.

  • Pick the field to paste the other image

You have to open the second image that you want to place. Then, use a pen tool to select the field.

In this case you have to use the Polygonal Lasso Tool from the photoshop.

Now, we will know how to use the Polygonal Lasso Tool to place an image inside of another image.

With the tool, you can draw a selection field easily. You can point out the figure. This tool is a useful tool to work with. When you click on the dots that you select with the tool, you will find out the straight lines in Photoshop. You can work with any pen tool following this method.

  • Copying second image that you want to insert

Open the second image following the process of opening image in Photoshop. Then, hold the Ctrl+A of your keyboard. It will select the full image.

Hold the Ctrl+C of your keyboard. It will copy the image.

  • Pasting the image in to the field you want to insert second image

Go to the first image. You have to paste the image into the selected field. Click the “Edit” menu. Then, select “Paste Into” or press “Shift+Ctrl+V. After that, you will find two layers in the Layers Palette. A new layer above the background layer. The second image is into the new layer.

  • How to resize the second image using Free Transform tool

Hold the Ctrl+T. It will show you the Free Transform box. You can easily transform the second image with this tool.

This tool will help you out to resize the second image to fit the selection field.

Hold Shift+Alt on your keyboard. Drag one corner and resize the image holding Shift button. It will set up the proportions. You can resize your image into any size you want.

If you want to resize your image from the middle, then press Alt.

You can also use this tool manually. Go to the “Edit” menu. Then choose the Free Transform tool. But keyboard shortcuts are best.

  • Inserting an inner shadow layer style

Go to the Layers Palette. Choose the “Layer Styles” option. Select “Layer 1”. Pick the “Inner Shadow”. Then set up based on your requirements of inner shadow. After setting up the angle and other stuffs, press “Ok”. Your work is done here.

  • How to combine images in Photoshop

Go to the “Layers Panel” in Photoshop. Choose the image you want to edit or move. Pick the “Select” option. Click on “All” button. Go to the “Edit” option. Click on “Copy” option. Open the image and select “Paste” option. You will find the second image into the new layer.

You can also drag and drop the layers using Photoshop.

Following these instructions and changing the options. You can copy, paste, merge layers easily.

You can insert two images to create a new image.

  • How to insert image from Lightroom

If you want to insert image from the lightroom. Go to the photoshop and press the “Plus icon” from the bottom corner. Pick the image that you want to insert. Add images to the Adobe cloud. Importing the images, press “Review for Import” and then choose “Add Photos”.

Then, go to the photoshop and select “Lr Photos”. You will find images. Press the “Refresh” button.

Click the image and pick “Import Selected” option.

After that, you can easily insert image from Lightroom in Photoshop.


There are lots of techniques and methods are available in Photoshop for inserting images.You can insert the images manually, drag and drop or using keyboard shortcuts.

You can open second image with new layer.You can use pen tools to select areas where you can put the second image.Photoshop helps us to edit DSLR images or add some graphic works to our images.

Following some process, you can open an image and edit it as you want. Take care.

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