H ey There! Are you looking for someone who can bring your visionary ideas into reality? Well! There you go. You are one the right place. Me Sayal Rubel more than eight years of experience in the graphics field and visualized 900+ projects of International Clients. With that said, I maintain a team of designers with 16 best designers in town


My educational background includes a double Masters in Social work from Dhaka University. I have competed for the course on graphic designing and SEO with the certificate of excellent performance from the Creative IT institute in Bangladesh. After completing my course, I have dedicated myself as an experienced and expert graphic designer.


Surprisingly I had a keen interest in ICT since my childhood. My passion for working in the ICT sector has made me start my career as a freelancer. Starting as a freelancer, I have worked in Upwork for two years. During this time, I have gained experience working with people from 50 different countries in the world. At that time, I joined CPH as a graphic designer. My hard work, skills, and overall great performance brought the offer for me to work there as the Operation manager. And now, I am the Head of operations and the Managing Partner of The Image retouching lab. I have a team of 30 expert graphic designers at The Image retouching Lab. As I am passionate about graphic designing, I want to inspire people to learn and know the graphic designing techniques. In this way, I have started my own YouTube channel for people who are interested to know more about graphic designing techniques. You will find enough detail on different graphic designing techniques and ideas on my YouTube channel, “Sayal rubel.”





Brand Development Creativity

A little advice for the designer: Brand development means not just a logo. Brand development is maintaining terms of product image quality. As you know, eCommerce sites need high-quality images to increase sales. A Perfect product image also increases your communication rate. The better communication skill you have, the better possible ways you can attempt to complete the project.

  • Advance Trend Understanding72%
  • Creative Designing89%
  • Simplify85%
  • Implement99%


My Other Expertise In Graphics For The Entrepreneurs

  • Photo Retouching.
  • Infographic Design.
  • Color Correction.
  • Reduce Image Size For Web
  • Design for Streamers.
  • Custom Overlays.
  • Alerts.
  • Emotes For Twitch.

Ecommerce Photo Retouching Consultant

Ultimately! As a Senior Designer. I can bring out any thoughts of yours and make it real by placing it on your project. Moreover, I have precision skills in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Lightroom, AdobeAafter Effect related work as shadow creation, image cutout cropping resize and reduce for the website image retouching, color correction, Twitch overlay for the gamers. .


Graphics Design


Image Editing


Digital Marketing


Search Engine Optimization

Advice For Designers

Well! I mentioned earlier that besides the design skills, I am also known very well in the marketing fields as well. Thus, I love to blog and provide information to people. Feel free to visit my blog posts. You will gather some excellent and unique information about Image editing, Photo Manipulation, Image Retouching, Photoshop Speciality, Ecommerce Image Editing Solution, streaming element designs, and many more.

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