What is Minimalist Logo Design? Expert Guideline By Sayal Rubel

Somedays ago, I was talking to my graphic designer friend about different types of logo design. He said, “minimalist logo designs are trendy nowadays.”He added, most of the clients requires minimalist logo for their respective brands.Designers also prefer minimalist logo design. It looks unique and eye-catching.A logo should grab the public attention. This is one of the best ways of promote your brand.

You can choose your favorite logo designs. Choose the trendy ones.We will discuss about minimalist logo design. Let’s begin. Using

What is Minimalist Logo Design?

Basically, Minimalism or minimalist represents the simple design. Here, simplicity don’t define as casual or bare.

It is a new design trend. Moreover, minimalist logo is connected to art, literature, music and culture.

It gives an aesthetic look to the logo. You will find it classy.  Simple but attention grabber.

People were tired of watching same kind of logo everywhere. Then, some innovative designers come with this minimalist logo design ideas. They contrasted simplicity with visual arts.

It started from 1960s.You can find many minimalist canvas painting or art forms of these times.

So, it comes with the art from to the digital design form.

Features of Minimalist Logo Design

Well, you can only find the minimalism in logo design and interior design. It creates a balance between artistic touch with a modest look.

However, logo represents a brand. So, logo should be designed as people can feel connected easily.

Here, we will have a little idea about some common styles of minimalist logo design.

  • Nuanced imagery

This feature is considered as the main attraction of minimalist logo design. It is connected to literature. Imagery is a term of literature which represents the visual image of something.  A logo with nuanced imagery can catch the customers attraction. It gives a unique logo to promote the brand differently. Customers or clients won’t be jumbled between your brand logo and others brand logos. Designers can give the shapes to objects, letters, fruits or animals. They can innovate new ideas using nuanced imagery.

  • Using colors

Designers can use more colors to the logo design. Choose the colors from the color palettes. A minimalist logo can be colorful or soft. You can choose black and white combination to make your logo simple and soft.

You can also use vibrant colors to create your logo.

We can check out the logos of famous brands like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc. Use the space of making logo on point.

  • Using simple design with single line

Simplicity is the key of minimalist logo design. This design demands the simple design with single line. It is called monoline design. This design creates a theatrical effect to the logo. It is quite easy to design and time saving work to do. Logos with these designs are more acceptable than the fancy ones. You can choose an object or words to create your simple one-line logo. It gives a pleasant look to the logo. This makes the logo more attractive to respective customers and other people.

  • Using geometric shapes

This is the common form of minimalist logo design. Select a geometric form along with your brand name or initial word of your brand. Then make an exceptional logo. Go with the trend but contrast your own imagination. You can use triangle, square, circle, rectangular or other shapes. You can include your brand launching year or slogan to your logo.

  • Typography

If you are a designer, then you already know the uniqueness of typography in logo design. Though, it is part of the trend, but it is not common yet. Many people are fascinated to this wonderful form of logo design. Basically, this design form is connected to art. Minimalist logo design represents the visual art with different forms. Typography is one of the best forms of minimalist logo design. Always try to use the bold typography. You can include the brand name with a simple and clear font. It creates a visual effect on the logo. This feature makes a logo eye catching and easy to remember. None can repeat the design. Typography is a great choice.

  • Using individual lines and twisted pattern

You can use lines and patterns to create a minimalist logo. Choose an exact pattern and take a line to make your logo more prominent. If you are bored with the single line logo, then contrast the line with twisted pattern. You can use your company name precisely. Pick the curvy patterns with single line. You can draw an object, butterfly or animals that portrays your brand.

  • Vintage inspired

It is called retro styles in design form. If you love vintage effects, then this is your thing. This design can connect the vintage lovers. There are many vintage lovers out there. Firstly, create a vintage icon. Then add your brand name or initial word to the icon. Add a retro filter to it. It will create a vintage, clear and aesthetic look your retro style logo.

So, you can create your logo using any of this form. Logo is a powerful element of a brand. You should focus on people’s requirement. You can make a minimalist logo contrasting with your visual thoughts and as per people’s need.

Minimalist Logo Design Software

There are many online and offline logo maker out there. If you want to design minimalist logo, then you must choose any software.

Here, we will discuss about the offline software “Adobe Illustrator” and online software “Canva”. Let’s begin.

  • Adobe Illustrator:

Adobe Illustrator is a widely famous software to create logos. You can contrast your icon with artwork using Adobe Illustrator. Furthermore, it comes with some exclusive tools. This software provides a color palette with many colors. You can design your minimalist logo with it.

There are several fonts in this software. Typography is easier with the Adobe Illustrator.

This is the best offline software to make minimalist logo.

  • Canva :

Canva is an online logo maker software. It is considered as the best logo making software of online.

You can find many free templates and tools to create your logo. But if you need the premium image, then you must pay $1 to use onetime. You can create professional logo with the software. You can make minimalist logo with it. It is the easiest way to make minimalist logo online.

Final Verdict

Considering all facts, Logos are the most essential representative of a brand. You should choose the trendy design to make your logo attractive. Minimalist logos are trendy these days. People are attracted to minimalist logos easily.

Sometimes they feel connected to the logo. Minimalist logos are combination of visual art or imagery with simplest design indeed. Keep going.

Take care. Hasta la Vista.




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