Proper Guideline About Modern Logo Design

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June 22, 2020
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Proper Guideline About Modern Logo Design

Logo design bears the signature of a brand or team. That is why it is actually quite important to choose the best type of design. Now, you must be thinking about one of the most sought out logo design out there- “Modern Logo Design”.

If you are curious about modern logo design then I must say- you are in the right place, because you are about to know more of it.

 Modern Logo: Simple Design

Unlike the gorgeous vibe of Vintage logo designs, Modern logo designs are quite simple. They don’t use illustrations or primary colors on designs. Instead, they choose the use of photographs and exhibit the practice of minimalism.

You will also notice the implementation of grid systems and the use of sans serif typefaces. Such implementations not only suppress any need to portray subjectivity but also make the logo simpler or to the point. Interestingly, you will also find cultural context in modern logo design.

The History of Modern Logo Design

Even though the present time is taken to be the post-modern period, by the word “Modern” we mostly mean the present time. Nonetheless, the word Modern has actually an era that dates from the 1900s to the 1970s.

Now you might want to know that what the modern logo focuses on. If you think that modern logos are posh or cool looking then you are highly mistaking. Rather it concentrates on communicating information to you effectively.

If you want to study in detail about the history of the modern logo you can research the given list.

  • Bauhaus
  • Neo-data cubism
  • Minimalism
  • Futurism
  • Abstract Expressionism

Although the themes related to modern logo design dates back to the past, the ideas are still prevalent in the present time.

Let’s check out the hottest trends in the best modern logo designs.

We all know that designs come with evolution. There’s a famous saying that “it’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change”.

Therefore, logo designs won’t lag behind in this race of evolution. It comes added fresh them so that we find in them something new.

So, how the modern logo designs styles are doing today? let’s find out:

  1. Big, Bright, Gorgeous Color: Did you know that color actually affects our sentiments, emotions, and behaviors? Also, certain color determines a certain message for gender, culture, and age.

Having said that, there are also some common notions regarding color preferences. And modern logo design work on that preference or target a certain cast.

For example, we see the color Orange in the Cross Country Logo creator for Kids. Orange is quite energetic, refreshing and brings warmth as kids do.

The Real Estate Company logo Maker on the other hand chooses the color Yellow. Because yellow symbolizes extraversion and friendliness. Here we can see the relevance of choosing the color.

Thus bright colors have been vehemently used in several business sectors. Spear Media Logo, for example, uses the brilliant combination of yellow, black, dark pink, and red to convey their message of connectivity.

That is how bright color logo designs hold a special place in the modern logo design era.

  1. Minimalism Reigns: You shall find similarity in the concepts of minimalism and contemporary graphic design. In both cases, you will notice simplicity in web design. It’s the mixture of bold, single-colored and simple shape characters.
  • Minimalism concentrates on a better visual impact on small devices.
  • It is designed in such a way so that the page loads faster.
  • It’s more like a digital revolution where simplicity is the core.
  • Minimalism makes the best use of contemporary ideas and maximizes or utilizes simplicity on them.

With simplicity, it embraces the quality to adopt a variety of contexts. As a result, it is easy to scale them up.

As examples of minimalist design, you can check out “TwoPeaks Logo”, “Globe Logo Design for Consulting Company”.

  1. Creative Typography: Typography, in many ways is an experiment on different shapes of fonts and styles. Logos replace letters in a way that makes the company name more recognizable. Between words, you shall find relevant objects. It appears pretty unique in this way.

Typography mainly

  • Develops typographic shapes
  • Incorporates photography
  • Modifies existing typefaces

In a way, the interest in minimalism results in the focus on typography. In collaboration with text and logos, typography appears quite elegant.

  1. Positively Negative Space: let’s be first clear about what the negative space is? Well, by negative space we mean the space in a design that is not directly related to the logo or text. It’s the contrasting background of the text. For example, if the text is of white color the background would be of black color.

In other words, the negative space helps you to make sense of the positive theme. The main goal of negative space is to make the logo sand out in contrasting themes or backgrounds.

Negative space not only includes different colors as contrasting background but also images or optical illusions. For instance, in “Ateh Negative Space Plane Logo” you will notice a fading image as background.

This positively negative space design is taking a good place in recent years. It employs both uniqueness and creativity.

  1. Old Geometry, New Geometry: One of the most prevalent themes in the logo design era is the use of geometry shapes. The clean-cut shapes, bold lines, and simplicity of the geometry shapes are really eye-catching. Check out the template for Architects –“Nordika”. Here you’ll see the geometrical symbol used skillfully yet simply.

Final Verdict:

Modern logo design can certainly be a wise choice for promoting your business. A brand is almost nothing without a logo. But logo customers get to know your site or brand.

There are sites which offer modern logo design free, you can check them out. Also, making a modern logo by yourself requires guidelines. From online you can visit some resourceful sites to get a clear idea. I’m providing here a site you may want to visit for learning:







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