How To Make a Photography Business

In this article, you are going to get an overall smart idea of how to make a photography business. So, stay till the end with us.

Photography is mainly a passion that we build within us, but what if we want to step in the monetary gain through our creativity. It’s like they say- earning money by doing something you love. It sounds cool; however not very easy. At present, everyone has a Smartphone in their possession. As a result, taking quality photos has become a sort of child’s play.  

Does that mean you cannot run a business as a photographer? Of course, you can, and for that, you have to diligently follow some key facts; whether you are a veteran or rookie. so let’s know about how to make a photography business with a plan 

As we have gone through extensive research of some professional photographer’s experiences, we have sorted a list of things essential for anyone who wants to start a photography business. 

How To Make a Photography Business in Details 

  • Writing a photography business plan:

According to Peggy Ferran, the wedding and event photographer, you always need a business plan to start it. That means you have to organize your ideas on paper. It is useful in many ways. Through writing your plan you are actually separating things like cash flow, ownership, competition, and expenses.

What to add to a business plan?

First of all mention the “problem” of the photography market. Write points that you feel threatened too. 

Now write the probable “solution” you can think of. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just write up initial ideas.

Then, mention the “market” and divide the fields you can concentrate on. For example- Families with children can appear as one of the best targets. Count the average such families in your metropolitan area.

After that by serial mention- “competition”; therefore analyze your competitors and bold out why people should choose you. 

Lastly, draw a chart of your expectations and financial need.

  • Accessing start-up cost:

Before even starting you need to access start-up costs first. So, find out the essentials you are going to need. Therefore, cameras and types of equipment come first. According to the theory of Farren, only camera equipment can cost up to $ 10,000. Plus, you will need insurances, a business license, a website, and accounting software; such as- Xero or QuickBooks

Are you planning to own a studio? Or is it a homestay job? 

Therefore, you have figured out the best option. If you have decided to own or take rentals of a studio then your budget has to keep pace with that.  Get acquainted with the commercial rentals; check the monthly cost alongside the utility costs. 

  • Securing start-up funds:

As an entrepreneur you must secure start-up funds; be it from family assistance or form friends or bank loans. Either way, you must grab a plan that tells how you are going to spend funds and pay back lenders. Some starters already join the field with a proper amount of savings. That’s that. Whichever it is, you should secure funds before hitting the field.


You might need an extra day job to refill the need. For Farren, it took almost 18 months to earn enough to pay bills. So, things don’t take a u-turn overnight. You must possess the mental setup to work extras for securing funds.

  • Getting professional experience:

When you take photo editing or capturing as a profession, you must gather some professional experience. Therefore, you can work alongside a professional photographer; this is the best way to gather professional experience.  

Also, build a portfolio as soon as you start. Keep updating the profile. Clients want to see current works and conditions, so you must update often to attract orders. Having a portfolio is a step ahead as a professional photographer. 

  • Buying camera gear: 

As a professional photographer, you must have two cameras, flashes, high-quality lenses in your possession. It’s because you have to keep the backup for uninvited situations. 

 As for photo editing make sure you have Photoshop and Lightroom to edit pictures.  


The approximate expense for these is likely to be in $ 5000. However, Farren suggests that the upgraded versions of camera gears will take you up to $1000 and it’s only natural.  

  • Setting a pricing plan:

Regarding the pricing plan, beginners may face confusion at first. But that’s okay. Try figuring out in a simple way. For example- for an hour you will charge $50 for taking the picture. Plus, three more hours to edit the photo, then you may set the price at $200.

Moreover, while pricing make sure to look out for the following Pricing strategies-

  • Penetration pricing- To keep the charge lower so that the customers get attracted. Once the market value gets up, the charge increases.
  • Premium decoy pricing- It is a way of charging one of your services higher while keeping the other low. It considerably increases the overall sales volume.
  • Psychological pricing- Pricing with an artificial lure. It makes the customers think they are saving money but the actual difference is quite low. 

  • Investing in a killer website:

A professional photographer must spend a bit more on a profound website. Since you are willing to get customers, you must make the website convincing enough to attract them. Sure there are free templates, but those are not without limitations. You can’t make an impressive showcase of your business with limited templates.


Take Image retouching lab, for instance, it is a professional photo editing service provider. The website showcases its services along with enough reasons why one should choose it. Anyone who is seeking photo editing services like clipping path or photo masking will settle with the web site right away. Therefore, the contact information is also in an easy to find space. 

Along with contact information and services you should also add a pricing list. Moreover, make a solid category in your gallery and add your picture with a description of backgrounds and experiences.

  • Creating your own brand:

Many professional photographers rose to prominence because of their unique branding. For instance, Jason and JoAnne Marino; the husband-wife owning Image Photography brand are rocking as unique wedding photographers. According to their theory, you have to make your brand different from others; therefore you must carve out a brand.


To do this you have to focus on the target market. Ask yourself what type of shorts you are aiming to take. Is it Maternity shots? Or Senior portraits or High schoolers? Or of Newborns?

Pick up the niche that makes you passionate about it and you find it unique as well. Then, use it in branding your business.

  • Making time to network

To get referrals you should cultivate the habit of networking. As photography is business to you, you can’t win only by showcasing your talent. In fact, your business won’t even last if you can’t reach people, groups, forums, clubs, and collectives. Therefore, Marino says that your business won’t do well unless people know about it.

  • Being a people person

Being competitive is great but you can’t do it ruthlessly. Remember, you are not just selling some pictures; you are also selling your experience. And that’s why you have to be a people person; make a small chat, know their preferences and expectations. 


A happy customer will not only pay you but also recommend you to others. So, it’s a great achievement to win a customer by heart, and to do that you can’t just deliver things mechanically. Take time, sit, and talk with customers, thus you will gain their trust as well as a favor.

  • Count friends and family

You may start your first appointment with your friends and family. It can become both memorable and a great opportunity to find an easy catch. There’s no shame in it, all you are trying to do is make a living out of it. However, be sure to come up with a plan and stick to it.

  • Promote yourself through social media

Nowadays, people spend a great deal of time on social media, so the idea of promoting your business through Facebook or Instagram is bad at all. You can create a page and post teaser pictures, it helps to grab attention.

Instagram, on the other hand, can be a great option in terms of visual richness. Whichever platform you choose, it is better to focus on one platform at a time and update it consistently. 

  • Keep learning

Farren thinks the best tip for the photographer is to keep learning. It never fails photographers. They can always keep updating with new features of photo editing. Extra class or course taking on photography is a big plus point. You can also add your course certificate to the portfolio for a profound showcase. Moreover, youtube videos are always there to enlighten you with tricks and tips. Try to make a schedule to watch educational videos and take photos of something irrelevant to your brand. It can be leisure photography of pets or home décor.


Where to find work? 

Once you come up with a studio, necessary gears, and backups, you would naturally want to find work. As a newcomer, it might seem like total cluelessness, but need not worry as you will get some wonderful ideas to discover avenues.


Wedding Photography

Weddings are the most profitable gig out there for photographers. While attending as a wedding photographer you should always keep your gears ready, top-notch, and have enough space. Without quality gear and space you will fall short of the demands and it may result in a bad reputation since people follow wedding photography reviews.


As a beginner, it might not be the best idea to work solo. Jumping to the field without any experience will cause perplexing effects on the work and you sure don’t want to do that. At first work alongside a professional partnership to gain initial experience. Then with time, you may make your solo performance. 


Contact work

Go through contact works like tourism or business photography for a time being. It can be a one month deal or more than that. Typically, such contacts pay a monthly amount so that you cover local event photography for the whole month. Events like business gatherings or tourism hire such packages.

Stock Photography

By signing up for stock-photo websites like iStock or Shutterstock you may perform as a contributor. The payment might be meager but you have the advantage of the license and thus you can even sell volumes. 

Real-estate photography

At present, the demand for real estate photography raises the bar. Often real estate agents make orders of quality pictures of homes, lands, rooms, and places. Also, it asks for interactive video footage. Photographers can make extra money with real estate photography.

Product Photography

Often, local artisans and retail businesses make living by selling products online. They choose their own websites or shopping sites like Amazon or Etsy to showcase their product. Thus they need a photographer to take crystal clear pictures of their products. It’s an easy money making source for photographers. 

Local news photography

Are you ready to go out and take pictures of others with your camera? If you are not, you should be because the TV and local news sources pay well for local pictures. Be it the images of weather state or crime scenes you have to run with your camera. With news photography, you are getting to showcase your work publicly. It can add great value to your portfolio.


 Working for a photographer

Well-known photographers are hardly ever with free hands. In most cases, they would hire people for assisting with video editing or photo editing. Working with a photographer might not be the most profitable source but it can gain you lots of valuable unforgettable experience. 


Final words:

If you have gone through the above article you might have already found your answer to how to make a photography business. Moreover, to keep pace with the business you must be consistent with three things- Updating your profile, maintaining a blog, renewing price. Most importantly, however, you have to achieve things by heart, being social, forgiving, and working hard.


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