Essential Tips For Beginners Inline Drawing

When you pick a pencil and mark on the paper, what do you do at first? You start withdrawing a line. I can swear that you think that drawing lines is easier. But the true fact is that it is a bit challenging. I have thought it a quick method, but it took time for me to get all the methods. Line arts can look simple to make, but it is a bit challenging to grab the essence. 

In this post, I have talked about all the essential tips to create a better inline drawing. So let’s have a look at some of the unique ideas and techniques of inline drawing. But before starting, I want to make you know about the line art in short. 

What Is Line Art?

Line Drawing-Essential Tips For Beginners Inline Drawing

Before knowing about line art, I want to make you know what the line itself is. The core element of line art is the line. In the case of line art, the elementary part is a line. A point moving in space creates an identifiable path which we call as a line. It is just a moving dot. 

Any graphic that is created with only lines and where is no shading is considered as the line art. Most of the powerful arts of the world are created with simple lines. The dynamic technique of line art captures the viewer’s attention. Whatever the format is, it is at the bottom of all significant design. Learning more about line art will make you great powerful artists.

When straight lines are placed against a plain background, that is considered as the line art. 

Incredible Tips For Beginners “Inline Drawing”

Be Practice:

What’s the best trick or advice that anyone can give? It is nothing but practice. It is not possible to learn every technique of drawing line art in a single day. Even most of the famous artists have taken time to adopt all the techniques to draw line art. I have also practiced a lot to gain skill in drawing line arts. Besides, when you practice more, you will be able to find out your mistakes. So I will highly recommend practicing more than once.

Incredible Tips For Beginners Inline Drawing

Now, do you want to draw your lines the way you want to? I am going to talk about several techniques and ideas for inline drawing to make you more confident. It is okay if you cannot draw the perfect line in your first attempt. The more you emphasis on these techniques, the more it will be easy for you to draw and develop your skills faster. 

Use vectors:

One of the essential drawing line arts that you can edit in any way is the vector image. Two lines make vector images that connect two coordinates normally. At the end of your work, you can edit them the way you want to edit them. If you have not drawn using vectors, I will highly recommend having a try. Besides, vector eraser tool is easy to use. The software that the designers’ use to create vector images is Adobe Illustrator. Sometimes the clip studio paint is also used for making vector layers. Using the vector layers, you can create dots for drawing vector images. 

Rotating canvas:

Rotating Canvas: For Inline Drawing

What can do you do to make your drawing easier? It is simple. Rotate your canvas. When we draw on a paper, normally we rotate it so that we can draw easily. When you are drawing from the top to bottom, you may find it easy to draw. But if you are drawing from the bottom to top, it may be difficult for you to draw easily. When you use your tablet or smartphone for drawing, it is easier for you to rotate. Besides, when you find it tough to draw a stroke, rotate your canvas. Getting a better angle makes it comfortable for drawing.

Get the right software:

Get the right software for inline drawing

Choosing the right software is the first thing to try different drawings. Take your time to choose the right software for you. You can try a lot of software to decide the best one. You should choose the one which is the most simple. Photoshop is the professional software to use for drawing a line. Most of the designers use Photoshop as it is a high standard program. But you should try software so that you can find the one which is comfortable to draw. If you have not worked on it before, take your time to make it easy. 

Work mostly without zoom

If you are working with zoom most of the time, it will take your time to get used to working without zoom. Even if you are working on a small screen, it will not be easier for you to work without a zoom. My desk computer screen was so big. I can realize that how it can be tough for you to work without zoom. In this way, I can share several tricks with you. Do not focus on the small detail from far. Most of the time, people get it hard. Work on the details of the face first. There are several small lines there. Zoom out the first long lines and do not retouch them too much.

Work with brushes:

Work with brushes inline drawing

It is good to experience brushes. I have used several default brushes for line work. While using them, I felt a little bit uncomfortable. Download brush packs to experiment drawing with other tools. You can download the brush that you prefer to use. Some brushes are available, which are cheap. Take a look at your favourite artist’s and try to know which brush he is using. If you go in this way, you do not have to download too many brushes. Do not be puzzled about where to start. Download one or two brushes for getting the experience of something new.

Draw with implied lines:

Draw with implied lines

If you do not want minimal or illustration style drawing, it is a great option for you to use implied line to keep pace with the changes of plane. Implied lines are not so strong like the other sort of lines in the drawing. But it is not a bad option for you to draw with implied lines. Use a slight break and suggest an edge. But when you are using varied line weight, lift off your pencil. Then draw gradually. Besides, you have the option to use a dotted line. These broken lines are not stronger than the solid lines. You can create the effect of the gradual change of the plane. 

Be diligent at your work:

One mistake that most of the people do is impatient. You should keep patience and work on it for several weeks or a month. If you work on it for several hours in a day, you can learn within a week. I think you should give much time to learn properly. For the first several days, you can feel disappointed and dissatisfied. I have also felt the same. I have used different software, brushes and drawing to adapt the process easily. I can ensure that you will improve a lot if you learn everything gradually.

Are you ready to inline drawing? If you have gone through everything in this post carefully, you will be able to draw lines flawlessly. Hope that this post is helpful for you to understand lien drawing differently and uniquely. All these techniques are essential to learn and create your new style. If you try them more than once, it will become easier for you to draw perfect lines. Have a little practice. If you cannot draw the perfect line at the first attempt, it is okay. When you find some problems, you have to practice more. 

If you want to know more regarding the techniques for drawing lines, post a comment. And do not forget to let me know how your practice is going on. I will get back to you soon. Follow for more updates!

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